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Nuez Moscada

I’ve been working on a new body of work for 2014, hopefully a dozen new pieces. Most of them will feature escapement mechanisms powered by counter weights. Here’s the latest “Nuez Moscada”. See if you can find the Nutmeg. Here’s a detail:

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Give Me a Pie

Been plowing along on my new short short “Give me a Pie”. This time, I’m painting and drawing on 35mm trailers from a series of Dog Films; Bingo, K9 and Man’s Best Friend. Having lots of fun experimenting with removing layers of emulsion. If the film is soaked in bleach for just a few seconds, […]

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New Studio in Provincetown

Once again, I’ll be working on a new animated film this summer in Provincetown Ma. Looking forward to developing scratch and paint on film techniques and enjoying the larger space.

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Documentary by Chris Engles

My neighbor, Chris Engles, is a filmmaker and veteran of public radio, having worked on such NPR favorites as Cartalk, The World, Morning Edition, The Connection and Living on Earth.  He’s created a series of short documentaries on artists working in Brickbottom Studios in Somerville (where I live and work). My process and work is […]

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While in Ann Arbor I picked up some, um uh,  percussive nuts. I’ve immediately found an interesting use for them.

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maltese cross geneva

New piece; “Three”

For the next few projects I’m scaling things down a notch, working with lighter materials and smaller sizes. “Three”  is the first of these “sketch” pieces and features a lucky accident with a Maltese cross Geneva. After scrapping several designs for the driver, I came across a ribbon feed from an old manual typewriter. The […]

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Wednesday Follow Along

For those of you interested in some of the techniques and hurdles in creating the Mechanical Sculptures on this site, I’ve documented today’s process, so here we go! I’ve been working on a new piece for a week or so, the heart is a Geneva wheel which spins an axle with some cam-like levers 120 […]

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Number 86

I keep a worn copy of 507 Mechanical Movements by Henry T Brown on my workbench. This book, published in 1868 and released by Dover for $7.95 ( probably the best 8 bucks I’ve ever spent ) is a gem. One of my favorite techniques is to select a mechanism from the book as a […]

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One Thing ( or another? )

That might be the title of my latest piece, something like “What does One Thing have to do with Another?” but I might not have enough room on the piece to write it all. The last two days in the shop have been very productive. The big highlights are a neat little wood block which […]

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