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We’re All at Sea

2016 Found metal and fishing lure, steel rod available $3600

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It’s Complicated

2016 Found metal and ceramic bear, steel rod available $3600

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Already Eight

Over the past few months I’ve been working on a large commission for ThronTree Capital Partners.  The result is  “Already Eight”, an 8′ long wall piece.  This video of the piece demonstrates events which occur at different intervals during a cycle. Already Eight from Gina Kamentsky on Vimeo.

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Nuez Moscada

I’ve been working on a new body of work for 2014, hopefully a dozen new pieces. Most of them will feature escapement mechanisms powered by counter weights. Here’s the latest “Nuez Moscada”. See if you can find the Nutmeg. Here’s a detail:

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New Videos!

Just finished editing a slew of new videos of work from my show at William Baczek Fine Arts. For your enjotment: Yelling “Theater” in a Crowded Fire. Ghost Town Waltham Saga #2

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All the Mechanical Art you can chew

March 16, the opening date for my spring (pun intended) show at William Baczek Fine Arts is just around the corner. I’ll be showing 12 new pieces along with the massive “Yelling Theater in a Crowded Fire” pictured below. The Gallery is located in Northampton Ma, fun starts at 5:00.

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With One You Get Birthday Cake

I’m a recent convert to Star Wheels for intermittent movement. It’s like a geneva but even better! The Cake comes up every turn or so.

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Saga 2

Saga #2

Here’s the latest piece to come out of my studio: Saga #2, maybe it’s a brief tale of a cat and bunny? I’m starting to work with unusual objects as cams. In this case, the cats’ body is a cam which moves the gear engaging the bunny’s movement. Aqua Art Miami 2012 BTW: It’s time […]

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Is Is

I have a habit of randomly selecting titles when I complete work. Some days,  I pull a record album (real vinyl) and find a song title I like. For this one I selected “The Changing Face of Harlem” collection of Jazz music from the 40s and song title “Is Is” by Stuff Smith. Oh yeah, […]

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Open at Schoolhouse

Last nights opening at Schoolhouse Gallery in Ptown was exhausting and fun. Thanks to everyone for coming out to see the new work. The show’s up until August 8th and the beaches here are fabulous.

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Upcoming Summer Shows, Animation and More!

As has been the case for the last three summers, I spend my time up in Provincetown Massachusetts working on animated films and getting ready for my summer show at Schoolhouse Gallery. This year, the show runs from July 20 through August 8 with the opening reception on friday July 20  starting at 6PM. I’ll […]

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While in Ann Arbor I picked up some, um uh,  percussive nuts. I’ve immediately found an interesting use for them.

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Big Piece – Long Title

For the past six weeks I’ve been working away on my latest piece; Yelling ‘Theater” in a Crowded Fire. It’s freestanding, electric, has a couple of interesting clutch mechanisms and makes lots of sounds. Here’s the rough video and, did I mention how much I love the smell of WD40 in the morning?  

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Clap Clap Clap

The fourth in my series of smaller pieces. “Clap Clap Clap” is based on a pair of offset cranks and a horizontal cam. The egg was a wooden form which had been buried in dirt for a year or so, this is a cool way to age and degrade objects if you have the time. […]

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I Feel Fine

I’ve been continuing on the track of creating smaller pieces. The latest, “I Feel Fine” is based on the Kinematic Machine in the video below. The model is from the mechanical engineering collection at Ohio State University and inspired me to create this piece.

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maltese cross geneva

New piece; “Three”

For the next few projects I’m scaling things down a notch, working with lighter materials and smaller sizes. “Three”  is the first of these “sketch” pieces and features a lucky accident with a Maltese cross Geneva. After scrapping several designs for the driver, I came across a ribbon feed from an old manual typewriter. The […]

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We start 2012 with something a bit different; a collaboration with Multi Talented Boston artist Josh Wisdumb. His work includes paintings, drawings, sneakers, tattoos, sculpture, video, musical instruments and hell, just go to his site and take a look. Polynomial was created by working together on a sketch and outlining pieces which I cut from […]

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I tend toward ambiguity in most of my work, that’s why I’m a bit surprised when a narrative emerges. In this case, the latest monster on the workbench, “Si” brings together a geneva made from an a plate printed with a map of New Hampshire, some numbers from a scale,  a bit of Spanish and […]

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Fall Work

With December almost here ( and it still feels like summer in New England ) we have some beautiful shots of my most recent work thanks to photographer Elizabeth Neville. All of these pieces can be seen,  starting tommorow at Aqua Art 11 in Miami. I’ll have some photos from the show later this week.

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new big kinetic work

Double Clutchin’ Daddy

I don’t know what’s getting into me lately, I keep setting out to do short sketch pieces and before I know it, all this… Check out the double clutch mechanisms, upside-down bell, trademark bird and, of course, daddy. BTW, there’s a bit of shaking 1/3 of the way through the video; me trying to stand […]

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