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Clap Clap Clap

The fourth in my series of smaller pieces. “Clap Clap Clap” is based on a pair of offset cranks and a horizontal cam. The egg was a wooden form which had been buried in dirt for a year or so, this is a cool way to age and degrade objects if you have the time. […]

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I tend toward ambiguity in most of my work, that’s why I’m a bit surprised when a narrative emerges. In this case, the latest monster on the workbench, “Si” brings together a geneva made from an a plate printed with a map of New Hampshire, some numbers from a scale,  a bit of Spanish and […]

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Favorite Mechanisms & Animation News

Here’s Another pick from 507 Mechanical movements, #153. I love the simplicity, this is one of my favorite devices for turning rotation to linear movement. BTW the book is a free download and fun bedtime reading! One more plug, the music in the background is courtesy of WFMU the best damn free form station in […]

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