I find myself apologizing quite a bit for being so sparing between posts. This time I have a good reason as I’ve been laboring away for the past few months on a top secret animation project. To my delight, it’s just gone public, hence this blog post. For people familiar with this site, I gravitate between Kinetic Sculpture work and Animation. My animation work moves between personal/experimental and commercial. Today’s release is a commercial piece “Sole Story” created for Sperry Topsider.

Sticky: The Sole Story from Sperry Top-Sider on Vimeo.


Last April I was approached by shoe company, Sperry Topsider to introduce “Sticky”, a character based on an ad illustration from the Sperry Archives. This was a wonderful opportunity to create a series of animated spots from concept to final production promoting the character and Sperry brand.

Before embarking on the project I enlisted the help of Julie Zammarchi . Her film, “The Passenger has been seen in a slew of film festivals including the Ottawa Animation Festival and she is the best character animator I know.  Writer Lisa Vaas put together the script ( and inspired the Kissy Fish) . Last but not least, voice acting and sound design was handled by  Joel Frenzer of the Frenzer Forman Animation Podcast.

This episode: “Sole Story” tells the true story of Sticky’s birth and the invention of the Topsider Boat Shoe.


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