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House Bunny

House Bunny

Experimental Film: 2010, 1:30 minutes.
“Is the night Blue”, a cut and paste audio assemblage by The Tape-beatles and several hundred feet of cast off movie trailers are the starting points for House Bunny.

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Lil’ Basenji

Narrative Film: 2009, 2:35 minutes.
Who owns dog identity? Lil’ Basenji features voice talent by the late, great Maddie Blaustein

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einsteins riddle

Einstein’s Riddle

Narrative Film: 2007, 3:35 minutes.
Kools are smoked in the yellow house and the Ukrainian drinks tea but who owns the zebra?

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You Got Pancake

Experimental Film: 2007: 1:30 minutes.
My dream for a perfect world would be pancakes everytime someone watches this.

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bread and butter

Bread and Butter

Experimental Film: 2006, 15 seconds
experimental film created using found sound and collage elements.
Line drawings created in Flash, composted with backgrounds in After Effects.

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bumpin donuts

Bumpin’ Donuts

Experimental Film 2005

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pet story

Little Pet Story

Narrative Film: 2001, 3 minutes.
A touching tale of two strangers who have problems with their pets.

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