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Yelling “Theater” in a Crowded Fire

  2012, Found metal, steel rod, wood, electric motor 17 x 58 x 11″ Available

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Spell “W”

2006, Spring wound motor, found metal, wood, Speak and Spell Electronics. 16 x 10 x 3″ Sold

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2007, Electric motor, found electronics, metal and pool ball. 19 x 32 x 8″ Available

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bollywood 1

Bollywood Math Problem

2006, Motorized sculpture, Speak and Spell electronics, found metal objects. 29 x 18 x 4″ Sold

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bollywood 2

Bollywood Math Problem II

2010, Motorized sculpture, Speak and Math electronics, found metal objects. 36 x 18 x 7″” Sold

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boo boo's birthday

Boo Boo’s Birthday

Battery powered, makes lots of noise. 1993 or therabouts, Bells, electric motor, found metal parts, ceramic bear. Sold

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Punch and Judy

Punch and Judy

Installation Created in 2001 at Banff Centre in Canada merging digital and mechanical elements.

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radio man

Radio Man

2006, Freestanding floor piece. This work features a FM radio which is tuned using motors and cams. The frame is from an old lab chair!. 70 x 19 x 12″

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ethel merman's back porch

Ethel Merman’s Back Porch

1995 Chocolate molds, electric motor, hubcap and scrap metal. When activated sculpture plays music, bird moves in and out of window, figure rises from center. Sold

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coffee machine

Coffee Machine

2005, This is a huge wall piece, the center post is from a device used to measure tides. The coffee shaker on top shakes while the wiffle ball careens back and forth ( that’s my cat Buttercup crying in the background). 55″x 44″ x 10″

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